McLeish intent on tackling sectarianism

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Henry McLEISH would like to see Scottish football reach a stage where the involvement of UEFA on issues affecting the game north of the border is no longer necessary.

The European football governing body will meet tomorrow to discuss accusations of “illicit chanting” during Celtic’s Europa League match against Rennes on November 3. Former First Minister McLeish, who yesterday provided an update on his Review of Scottish Football, believes self-discipline is crucial in eradicating problems within the Scottish game.

He said: “Clearly, we would like to have a nation that didn’t have UEFA getting involved in our game. But some of the issues affecting the Scottish game have been there for a very long time. They’re not going to disappear overnight. It seems to me there is a tougher regime within Hampden about bad behaviour. But the most important thing is that every manager, every player, every chairman, every board member, every fan associated with the game is responsible for their own actions.

“It’s a matter of self-discipline as well as a discipline exercised from on high.”