‘This is a disaster’: Fans react to news Neil Lennon set for Celtic return

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Brendan Rodgers appears to be on the verge of leaving Celtic and it’s being reported that Neil Lennon will be his successor. Here’s how fans of both Celtic and Hibs reacted to the news on social media.

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@r_kilday: Go on about planning. Go on about everything for a reason. Manager as well as our board. Record profits which mean nothing to most of us. And still a clusterf*** of a situation. Ending with Lennon as manager, sacked 3 weeks ago by Hibs. Is this a noise up?

@krys1888: Fans: “Neil Lennon back? Ffs…” BBC: “John Kennedy is set to take charge of the team at Tynecastle.” Fans: “One Neil Lennon, there’s only one Neil Lennon…”

@bmcn67_: Imagine thinking Neil Lennon coming back to us now is a good thing.

@DuncMcKay: “Delighted for all the Celtic fans who got in touch when Lennon left to tell Hibs fans how lucky we were to have him.”

Former Hibs manager Neil Lennon looks set to return to Celtic. Picture: SNS

Former Hibs manager Neil Lennon looks set to return to Celtic. Picture: SNS

@ocbhoy: Lennon was f****** sacked a month ago for being in the bottom 6 and scrapping with his own players, this cannae be happening.

@Seangallagher16: Celtic fans short changed again at the most important time in our history. Absolute rat for walking away like that, Neil Lennon? That’s no ambition, 10 in a row is not a project!!!!

@carfenian: Looking forward to Gary Parker taking the team at Easter Road on Saturday when Lennon gets sent aff tomorrow night

@RobbieSincIair: “Look, I liked Neil Lennon in his time with us, he was a nice guy and a decent manager, we had some good times. But the fact is that Paul Heckingbottom has instilled a winning mentality into Hibs as a club where Lennon couldn’t.”

@GlasgowRoad: You can seriously get to with this Neil Lennon talk, honestly?

@comedyray: At least the lights will look amazing when Neil Lennon is appointed.

@ocbhoy: Fully expect Lennon to snap up Stokes on a free.

@HibsNews1875: Wonder if Scott Allan might make the bench for Celtic now Lennon is in charge... #GGTTH

@BenTheTim: Bringing Neil Lennon back to Celtic at the height of the sectarianism debate is peak Scottish Football.

@AidanGW99: Hibs to stop the treble by beating a Neil Lennon Celtic team with Kamberi scoring the winner is actually a possibility on Saturday. Dreams do come true.

@TheGallatron: Massive change of style from BR to Lennon. It’ll be interesting to see him pillory Eduoard and Burke for “Not getting it” after we drop our first points. And the Celtic das will be happy to see us knock it long from Craig Gordon after 5 minutes. This is a disaster.