Fraser on fishing: Allandale was a challenge

It was our last club outing of the season to Allandale Tarn in Polbeth and it is usually a happy hunting ground for me.

Saturday, 29th October 2016, 5:30 am
Iain Earle of Alloa with a 3lb rainbow taken on a Yellow Owl at the Black Loch

For the time of year conditions were fairly good and fish were moving all over. Arriving late the rest of the club were already out and doing fairly well.

I took the decision to go with a floating line and a single Hothead Damsel. Starting out on the high bank I was casting out towards the reed beds without success. Normally the damsel works well for me but I decoded to change to a white cat. As soon as the fly hit the water it was smashed by a nice fish of around 2lb+.

That was the blank off and a face saver. Half an hour passed and I was getting follows but not any lock on. Fan casting in all directions I could see one decent fish head and tailing but every time I put fly in front of it would just turn away.

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However, on retrieving my line after a miscast a cracking fish took the fly with venom. After a frantic fight that lasted a good five minutes I managed to guide it into the net.

Things went quiet after that and I slowly worked my way round the water stopping at the top end. A big weed had formed about 20 yards out and you could see the fish cruise round the edges. Despite a good hour trying to tempt them nothing would take so I retired early.

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