Fraser on Fishing: Decent haul before rain battered down

Back to one of the finest fisheries in Scotland '“ the Lake of Menteith '“ it was another club outing,

Gus Armour from Coupar with 3lb blue taken on a booby at Lake of Menteith
Gus Armour from Coupar with 3lb blue taken on a booby at Lake of Menteith

Conditions were good but high winds and heavy rain were forecast in the afternoon. Hopefully, my boat partner and I would get our bag limit and be in before the bad weather.

We made for the cages area where my partner went with a booby and two nymphs while I opted to stay on dries with two owls on a floating line. Drifting down the rope, he was first in to a fish of around 2lb on the booby. Next drift, it was my turn and I hooked a nice blue on the ropes. For the next half hour, I turned a few fish but no lock on. My partner on the other hand picked up another two and turned as many again before it went quiet.

We made for shear point then the malling shore and heronry without any success. Taking a long drift down past dog island, we saw a lot of the bigger fish but again no interest shown. We went back into cages and drift along the rope. I took the owls off and changed to a booby on the point and cormorant. Second cast and a big bow wave appeared behind my flies and I was surprised it took the dropper and not the booby. Within half an hour, I had bagged and on the same fly and was awaiting my partner doing the same. Within minutes, we were heading back to port when the rain came down hard.

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