Fraser on Fishing: Good fun at Clubbiedean

I took a run up to Clubbiedean Fishery in the Pentlands and was glad I made the trip.

Saturday, 23rd April 2016, 5:30 am
John Simpson of Dalmelington, Ayrshire, with a 2lb rainbow taken on a black booby on Lake of Menteith

It is surely one of the nicest runs and most underrated waters in the country. Rudy, who can be seen there most days is available to offer sound advice over a cuppa.

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On arrival a few rods were out on the water and as I was parking up I watched one angler playing a fish in front of the caravan. Looking closely he was using a floating line and a lure of sorts so ... when in Rome do as the Romans do. Setting up the boat with outboard and tackle I made for top end of the fishery. As a wind was picking up I set the drogue to slow down the drift and settled down to fish. Using a single white Cats Whisker on a long leader I started counting down to find feeding depths. Just as the boat entered the main basin and as soon as the fly hit the water it was seized. Either it was bad angling or just not hooked right but whatever the reason it was on and off again.

A few casts later and I was in again. This time it stayed on but felt different. Running deep and fast it took all my time just to keep hold of it until the fish tired. Eventually it surfaced and what a surprise it turned out to be – a cracking 4lb brown trout, fin and tail perfect. After giving it time to revive it swam away strongly. Completing the drift I picked up another three fish, all rainbows in excess off 3lb. The wind grew stronger so I made my way back to the jetty to reflect on some great fishing. I am really looking forward to the warmer summer months when the fish are up and on the surface. This is a superb water and much under rated and I will be back soon.

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