Comiston offers ‘attractive alternative’ for lady golfers

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LADY golfers who have recently given up conventional memberships at Capital clubs are being urged to consider an “attractive alternative”.

Comiston Ladies Golf Club, which is based at the Braid Hills, believes it can help keep players in the game by offering a more affordable option.

“We have launched an initiative whereby we are positioning ourselves to facilitate lady golfers who might otherwise give up golf to remain in the game,” said Anne Brownie.

“In other words, we see a niche that course-owning clubs even with reduced membership deals can’t offer – a low-cost option that does not require a large time commitment, a 
pay-as-you-play club that is affordable whilst providing the facility to maintain a handicap.”

Comiston Ladies primarily play Edinburgh Leisure’s 18-hole course at the Braids, but also occasionally play the 
nine-hole Princes Course for fun games.

“CLGC is affiliated to the SLGA, so the club is able to maintain handicaps for members with the 18-hole par-72 as their home course,” added Brownie.

“Traditionally, Comiston has been a second club for ladies whose home club for handicapping purposes is a conventional private members’ club.

“Over the last few years, we have had a number of members join who no longer wish to be members of course-owning clubs and for whom we have, up to the end of 2012, manually maintained handicap records.

“This has made us realise that we can be an attractive proposition for different reasons. CLGC appreciates the reasons why a number of ladies may consider giving up conventional memberships. These include time pressures whether childcare or work related (or both), meaning that a typical private membership does not provide good value or simply the cost of a private members’ club is more than is affordable. A pay-as-you-play basis would be 
preferable to save money and/or time, but typically this may not allow retention of a handicap.

“Rather than give up golf, membership of Comiston offers a significantly lower cost option to continue to hold a handicap whilst participating in as few competitions as required by CONGU, or as many more as they wish over the season. We believe we offer a solution for ladies who would otherwise stop playing golf to keep in the game by providing a pay as you play option which permits handicap retention (or the 
ability to regain a handicap which has lapsed).”

It costs just £10 to join CLGC followed by an annual subscription of £25, with green fees payable to Edinburgh Leisure for each round played.

“It would be up to individuals whether they purchase a Leisure Card for discounted green fees,” said Brownie. “We are now fully computerised in order to cope with the move to the Centralised Database of Handicaps (CDH) and are willing to offer more flexible tee times on our medal days in order to accommodate members with family or work commitments.

“Also, we still offer an 
attractive alternative as a second club for ladies who don’t want two full course-owning-club membership fees, but would like additional scope for playing in competitions.

“However, the pay-as-you-play basis makes us less well geared to support golfing beginners, plus the Braids 18-hole course is a difficult layout on which to learn the game.

“We see Comiston as being more suitable for ladies who have some golfing experience, ie already hold a handicap or have held one previously.”