Lothians firm goes global with sales of second-hand clubs

Martin Lambert and Murray Winton of Golfclubs4cash
Martin Lambert and Murray Winton of Golfclubs4cash
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A company that sells second-half clubs from its store locally to golfers in Edinburgh and the Lothians is also attracting customers from all around the world.

Golfclubs4cash operated from a spare bedroom when it was set up by Martin Lambert and Murray Winton in 2012.

It now boasts a 15-strong staff at a unit on the Bilston Glen industrial estate at Loanhead that is an Aladdin’s Cave for golfers.

The company has quickly established a local customer base and also sends clubs to all corners of the globe on a daily basis to online buyers.

“Martin and me met when we were salesmen at American Golf,” said Winton. “We had an ambition to do something different and saw there was a gap in the market for second-hand equipment.

“I got my clubs stolen from a locker-room when I was 18 and I couldn’t afford to play golf that year as I was unable to buy a replacement set.

“We wanted to make it more affordable for people to buy clubs and we started pushing through a lot more second-hand clubs for American Golf at the Braids. We started doing it casually online through ebay from a bedroom in my parents’ home, where we had clubs lined up against the wall.

“We’d put them in the boot of a hatchback car and take them to the post office at Buckstone to be sent out.”

Taking up the story, Lambert added: “We then ran the business from the loft in Murray’s house for around 18 months before moving into our first unit.

“We gradually started to do things better. We got a simple website and a simple Facebook page. But it was only in January 2014 that we really pushed forward and moved into this unit.”

There you’ll find more golf clubs than you could ever imagine, rack after rack of them from the floor to the ceiling. “We have 5100 online plus another 1000. That’s alot. We also have a staff of fifteen,” said Winton.

“Ebay is very good from the point of view that you get everybody in the world looking at you. We’ve got clubs going out around the world every day. They go to America, Europe everywhere. They trust us and are willing to do business with us. We get a dozen or more people from outside the UK placing orders with us every day and you can’t put a price on that. Ten per cent of our business comes from outside the UK.”

The Masters always generates interest in golf and, with a very popular winner in Sergio Garcia on this occasion, the Golfclubs4cash team are bracing themselves for a busy spell.

“Golf is on the up and we feel we can keep pushing things on,” said Lambert. “As younger people are getting into the game, they are looking for more affordable options to get their hands on equipment.

“We have just upgraded our website to handle taking orders and allowing customers to shop direct from there.”