Concussed Beattie glad he was dropped by Capitals

Sean Beattie
Sean Beattie
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Edinburgh Capitals forward Sean Beattie today revealed his anguish after a “delayed concussion” saw him rushed to Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital earlier this week.

Beattie sustained a heavy blow from a hit by tough defenceman Chris Frank during last Saturday’s match with Braehead Clan. With Caps preparing to host Clan 24 hours later at Murrayfield, medical staff and co-owner Scott Neil pulled the teenager from the team just minutes before face-off.

Today, he expressed his gratitude over the decision to rule him out of action as, on Monday afternoon, he was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious by his mother on the bathroom floor of their Crail home.

Beattie said: “On the Saturday after the hit, I was dizzy and I struggled to get to my feet, but I managed to get off the ice and into the first-aid room.

“On the Sunday, I felt fine, fresh and ready to go. I felt like myself. I didn’t think there was anything wrong, although I did struggle a wee bit with controlling the puck in the warm-up.

“I was told to go and speak with the doctor and he called in [player/coach] Richard Hartmann and Scott and that’s when I was told I wasn’t getting to play because I’d had a bump to the head the night before.

“I was a bit ticked off with Scott at the time because I felt good, but now after what happened on Monday I’m just thankful that I didn’t play because had I gone out there I could have caused further damage. That could have affected me for years to come.”

Beattie spoke candidly of the events leading up to his collapse. The 19-year-old, who works as a plumber, said: “It was just like any other Monday morning – up at seven, breakfast and then a walk down the road to work,

“When I got there I just didn’t feel right. I felt dizzy and I had to take lots of breaks. I was sick and the boy I was working with took me home.

“I slept on the couch for four hours. I woke up and I was still dizzy – I was really disorientated I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing. I went upstairs to be sick again and that was when my mum found me on the bathroom floor and called an ambulance.”

Beattie, who was released from hospital that night, continued: “They carried out lots of checks and told me I had delayed concussion. They said it’s quite common, but not such a long time after the initial impact. I’m still not right. I feel wobbly on my feet and getting up from the couch to get myself a drink is about if for me at the moment. I’ve been told to stay away from anything too strenuous for a week or two and I have to have seven days symptom-free before I can take part in any physical activity.

“It’s so important to be aware of the consequences of a head injury. Knowing what I know now if you do take a knock to the head, I’d advise anybody to take it easy afterwards and go and get it checked out by a doctor.”

Meanwhile, Caps continue their season tomorrow night with a home clash with Sheffield Steelers (face-off 6pm) before completing their weekend with a trip to big rivals Fife Flyers on Sunday. The Murrayfield outfit are trying to secure their first win in 12 matches.