Edinburgh Capitals coach Richard Hartmann in new deal

Richard Hartmann
Richard Hartmann
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Edinburgh Capitals player-coach Richard Hartmann has signed a deal that will see him remain at Murrayfield until the end of the 2014-15 season.

A disappointing year is already over for the Caps, failing to qualify for the play-offs after finishing rock bottom of the Elite League.

Hartmann admitted his new deal was struck only after 90 minutes of heated discussion and post-match analysis with team co-owner Scott Neil, but revealed he wants to see more of that in the future as it’s how the two work best together.

Hartmann said: “Before my future was decided there was a lot to discuss on both sides, going through why things happened the way they did this year and what we should change.

“I said my piece and Scott said his, we had a good discussion from top to bottom and as always there are things we agree on and things we don’t.

“We are both trying to find the best way to move this club forward and by the end I agreed to stay another year.

“We need to draw a line under what happened and look to next season and we’ve taken the first step.

“We’ve always had discussion, we’ve had fights and don’t agree on everything, but last season those arguments helped us move the club forward and together we signed the best players possible for the team.

“This season there wasn’t enough of that between us and that was perhaps the main reason we didn’t get things right.

“With regards to next season, we have a concept in mind and we know exactly what we want to do, after our discussions I’m expecting things to change.

“I want to bring more fans to Murrayfield and keep them entertained. I want to sign players that are leaders, players that make the fans think – ‘wow, this guy is great’ – I want our team to play the best hockey possible and for our fans to be proud of us.”