Edinburgh Capitals urged to follow in footsteps of Giants

The Capitals pile on the pressure in front of the Blefast goal mouth
The Capitals pile on the pressure in front of the Blefast goal mouth
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Curtis Leinweber, Edinburgh Capitals’ Canadian forward, believes his side must learn from runaway league champions Belfast Giants and work on being more consistent.

With only 12 wins from 50 games, it has been a disappointing Elite League campaign for the Caps, who play their final two matches of the season this weekend against newly crowned Gardiner Conference winners Dundee Stars.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Tayside, for which Edinburgh are expecting to travel at full strength, he said: “It’s a kind of weird feeling for us knowing that this weekend could be our last games for the club, but we’re all focusing on working for each other and hopefully having a good end to what has been a frustrating season.

“I plan to take some time out to reflect on what has been a long and difficult year, I’ll stick around for a while to see some of the parts of Scotland I haven’t had the opportunity to see and hopefully get a few games of golf in, but one of the things I’ve noticed is, as a professional player, how important it to be consistent and bring something close to your best night in, night out.

“As a group we’ve had some terrible nights but you look at a team like Belfast and they play their ‘A minus’ game 90 per cent of the time, and maybe throw the odd ‘B’ in there, but that’s as bad as they get and that’s why they’re light-years ahead of everybody else. We’ve had some unlucky breaks, but there have been games where we just haven’t turned up as a team. We need to work on our consistency and it’s something I’ll look to work on myself as it’s a big factor in my own game.”

When asked about his contribution, a team-leading 27 goals and 28 assists from 49 games, he added: “Personally it’s been a good season in the sense that I’ve put up some numbers, but I’d rather have put them up at more appropriate times in order to give the guys a better run at making the play-offs. Ultimately, I would have been happier with fewer points if we had done better as a team and won some more games.”

Meanwhile, with defenseman Michal Dobron the only player signed up to return next season. Capitals’ joint-owner Scott Neil remained tight lipped on the status of ongoing negotiations with current players, including that of player-coach Richard Hartmann.

Neil said: “Richard and I haven’t had time for a good sit down yet. It’s important that next year we have a much more competitive team. We have to find something, because this season has not been good enough. At home we’ve had a lot of close games, but we’ve lacked that bit of quality to win them and that’s had a big impact over the course of the season.”