Ex-Stingray Derek Campbell banned for 47 matches

Fired: Derek Campbell
Fired: Derek Campbell
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Hull ice hockey forward Derek Campbell has been banned by the Elite League for 47 matches for fighting, kneeing an opponent and an attempted eye gouge.

The 33-year-old was thrown out of the Stingrays game against Dundee Stars on Saturday before being released by his side yesterday.

The ban is made up of fighting (15 games), attempted eye gouge (12), knee to head (10) and excessive force to head (10).

“There is no place for any of these actions in our sport,” said Moray Hanson, the Elite League’s head of discipline.

“I have studied the game tape in great detail and I have spoken with the three officials, who all were able to give me detailed reports.”

Campbell was ejected from the game for excessive rough play and the 15-game ban for fighting was for an incident off the ice. Stingrays owner Bobby McEwan said: “We can’t condone what happened off the ice and we felt [releasing him] was the right course of action.

“This is a family sport and it shouldn’t happen. Things should stay on the ice and never spill into the arena where the fans are.

“He’s very disappointed and he understands it was a decision we just had to make.”