Paul Zanette leaves Edinburgh Caps for Asiago

Paul Zanette is the latest player to leave Edinburgh Caps. Pic: Jan Orkisz/SMP
Paul Zanette is the latest player to leave Edinburgh Caps. Pic: Jan Orkisz/SMP
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Edinburgh Capitals have allowed Italian/Canadian Paul Zanette to join Asiago, who play in the Italian top-flight, on loan for the remainder of the season. However the Italian international has vowed to return to the club next season and has revealed he will even be helping with team recruitment over the summer months.

With the Caps now decimated by injury and players who have walked out on them, the club are already openly admitting to be building towards next year’s Elite League campaign. Zanette, who signed a two-year deal alongside studying for an MBA in Finance at Heriot-Watt University, said: “I’m on a two-year contract here and the team have allowed me to go and play for Asiago in Italy for the rest of the season.

“I’m going away for the international break for the Olympic qualifying and would miss a few games anyway, so the club just figured it would be easier to save my salary and pay another guy for the remainder of the year and see how he would fit in with a view to a longer deal.”

“I’ve spoken to Scott (Caps co-owner Scott Neil) numerous times. We’ve agreed that I will be coming back and I will be helping with the recruiting and trying to build a strong team for next year.”

“As soon as my season’s over in Italy I’ll be back with the Capitals. It was a tough decision, one I thought long and hard over, and when finally made was kind of heartbreaking for me. But it’s also a good opportunity for me to play some good hockey and competitive play-off games, but my heart’s still here in Edinburgh and I will be back to make a run at things next year.”