Monarchs' win stands as Scorpions protest is kicked out

Scunthorpe Scorpions' protest over Edinburgh Monarchs' use of Mitchell Davey as a guest replacement for Dan Bewley in their 45-44 Premier League speedway victory over the Lincolnshire side at the Eddie Wright Raceway last Sunday was thrown out by the Speedway Control Bureau at a hearing.

Mitchell Davey
Mitchell Davey

Having examined the facts, the SCB found that: “The British Speedway Promoters Association (BSPA ) instructed Edinburgh that, as the Buxton v Belle Vue National League meeting match was on the original fixture list and the Scunthorpe v Edinburgh match was a rearranged fixture having been postponed on June 12, then Dan Bewley had to race at Buxton and Edinburgh were entitled to a guest replacement.

“Mitchell Davey was not being used as a National League guest and therefore fitted the laid down criteria.

“Furthermore, Edinburgh had advised Scunthorpe 72 hours prior to the match that Mitchell Davey would be guesting for Dan Bewley.”

The SCB added that under agreed timescales, a protest must be lodged 24 hours before the meeting start time and, as the referee ruled that Mitchell Davey was eligible to ride, this is a statement of fact and no protest is permitted and therefore the result of the meeting stands.