Angling: Miserable day at Menteith

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Cold, wet and windy conditions met the anglers at the Lake of Menteith when I arrived, writes STUART FRASER. Having been on the water 24 hours earlier I had an idea where the fish were and a rough idea what was catching.

Cutting the revs a good 50 yards out I positioned the boat to drift with the wind then cut the engine. I had tackled up with a floating line with two cormorants and a cat booby on the point to keep the flies up. My boat partner went with a similar set up.

The fish were showing on the surface but even covering them I got no response. On my third or fourth cast a fish of over 4lb came out of nowhere and slammed into the booby. It was game on as this fish leapt several times out of the water going ballistic. My rod bent down towards the water and it took all my concentration to handle it. Subduing it long enough I worked it back to the net but disaster struck as it slipped the hook inches from landing.

Half an hour later I was in again only this time I played it out and this time no mistake. An hour later it went quiet and my boat partner wanted to move to pastures new. We moved over to the plantation where he had seen fish earlier but they had moved. It was a joint decision to move back to where we started but we were too late – it was all but over.