Angling: Two for fourth position

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IT had to be one of the hardest outings I have done in several years at Rosslynlee Trout Fishery.

On arrival there was bright sunshine and a mirror-like calm over the water as well as being fairly busy. Of all competitions it had to be a dry fly and I was thinking it was a guaranteed kiss of death.

There was the odd fish coming up out in the deeper water but nothing you could target.

After an hour or so a slight ripple appeared on the water and Damsels as well as Daddies started appearing on the surface. I changed to a single Daddy and cast out into the ripple hoping for a daftie to take. Letting the fly swing round in a big arc as I was about to lift off and recast when my line went solid. It did not feel big but it was a fish and I was hoping it could possibly be a match winner. It came in like a wet sock and at just under 2lb.

Well into the afternoon we started to get some cloud cover and more fish were coming to the surface. I saw one fish feeding off the surface about 20 yards out and covered it. The fly landed about two foot in front of it and there was a slight lull before I saw its mouth suck it in. This was a better fish and I thought I had cracked it.

At the weigh-in several others had two fish as well and I finished up in fourth place.