Evening fun on the Tarn

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It WAS a fairly busy Allandale Tarn when I arrived for a late day-to-evening session, writes STUART FRASER

The far bank was fishing well to White Cats while the near bank was on Buzzers. As my best line, the midge tip, was damaged I tried my new floating distance line. I have to admit it throws out a fair distance, but I was far from impressed with its performance. Still, I persevered. The fish were very active on the surface but I could not get anything to take a bite.

I changed to a slow glass line and remembered one of the guys telling me to try a black lure as they work well here. Pushing out a full line with a single Black Rabbit brought about an arm-wrenching pull. I could see the fish leaping out of the water with my fly . . . still, I got a loan of it for a minute at least.

As the evening drew in, it was unbelievable the amount of fish showing on the surface. Back on went the floater with a Yellow Owl and I thought I was in heaven as fish after fish came to the Buzzer. It is not every day you get fish coming to the fly like that so I was making the most of it.

It is the best time of day to fish when the sun goes down and the fish come out to play. You want it to last forever.

It was a great session and it won’t be long until I make a return.