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THE cold weather didn’t seem to of put the fish off at Forbes of Kingennie last week with all the ponds really fishing well.

The Bankside has been on really good form with fish being caught from all over the pond rather than just in the bays. The water at the moment is very clear which has made it slightly harder but most methods have been taking fish. Lures on an intermediate have been the most popular method with the Cat’s Whisker being the most used. Buzzers have been very consistent with Okey Dokey and plain black being the most successful. The Burnside is just as clear but lures on an intermediate have definitely been the method to use. The Black and Green Fritz and the Yellow Dancer have been the most used fly but most lures are taking fish. Mr Whyte had an excellent result with two fish for 5lb and returning a further 13. The Boathouse continues to be dominated by lures again most colours have been successful but it seems that a faster retrieve has been the key to catching. Mr Barlow had a fine bag of fish with four for 25lb 8oz with the best being a lovely rainbow at 9lb 1oz. The Woodside hasn’t been too busy but those who have fished have been rewarded with some quite easy fishing. Powerbait is by far the best method at the moment with most fish being caught down by the inflow pipes. Mr Jackson took the best fish of the week with a 3lb 11oz rainbow taken on ledgered orange Powerbait.

ORCHILL LOCH, Braco: Recently the pump has been running to clear the ice and with yet another changeable week of weather we just have to take one day at a time at Orchill. The rainbow like this weather so it has been fishing very well and are they still being caught on all colours of lures about 3-5 feet down. Although some fish are moving on the top they are not taking on the surface. The management have left prices the same but dropped a fish on every ticket and then catch and release is allowed for a few fish only – barbless hooks must be used; the fish must be put back carefully without handling the fish and any bleeding fish must be killed and paid for. Meanwhile, Dave Mitchell from Edinburgh caught four fish for 10lb on a Yellow Dancer; George Ross, Stirling, used a Nomad to take three for 7lb; Danny Docherty, Denny, five fish for 13lb on Buzzers, and Jim Alexander, Perth, three for 8lb on a Blob. Ron Lusher from Perth had three for 8lb on a Black & Green Fritz; Andy Airnes, Clackmannan, four for 9lb on an Olive Fritz; John Hutchison, Alloa, three for 8lb on a Black & Green Fritz, and Peter MacDonald, Edinburgh, four for 9lb on a Nomad. Last, but not least, Hector Wilson from Bannockburn had three fish weighing in at 7lb on a Bloodworm.

SWANSWATER, Stirling: The main pond reopened on Saturday January 28. Although not as much work was done as had been planned, due to the weather conditions, a good lot of silt was removed and essential repairs to the dam were carried out, which should certainly improve things considerably. Some of the surroundings have suffered from heavy machinery running on them but hopefully things will dry out and green up with the spring growth and the paths remain intact. During the ten days or so when Swanswater was shut, the Millpond and Meadow Pond provided some great sport with several anglers bagging up and others enjoying catch and release. Things on Swanswater started slowly on but soon improved. Because the weather turned cold, the fish were mostly in the main area of the pond with many being caught off the far bank and around the bridge. Most were taken on lures fished on an intermediate line. Despite the water being still slightly coloured, the water in the small ponds was not affected and they continued to fish well. Swanswater is clearing up nicely now and the de-silted areas should soon settle down. Derek Russell, Stoneyburn, took the first big fish from the reopened pond, 8lb 13oz rainbow in his bag of five for 17lb 1oz, which also included a Tiger taken from the Meadow Pond. Jim Allan, Kilsyth, 5lb 8oz rainbow from the Millpond; George Paterson, Stirling, three for 13lb 12oz including a Tiger; John Kirkwood, Glasgow three for 10lb 12oz including a Blue; Latvian Agris Kalns, three for 10lb from the small ponds including a 6lb Rainbow, and Alan Pate, Polmont, three for 8lb 8oz. William Williams, Alloa, three for 6lb 8oz from Millpond including a Blue; Stephen Cowan, Linwood, two for 4lb 8oz including a Tiger from the Millpond and four returned; Ronnie Codona, Glasgow, 4lb 8oz rainbow and Mark Lawton five for 13lb from the small ponds including two Blues. Lawrence Maguire, four for 10lb 4oz from the Millpond.