Fishing: All blown off course . .

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Bad weather cancelled the first in a series of the winter catch and release competitions at Leadburn Manor.

Strong gusting winds which swirled round at times made angling almost a no no. However, the few that decided to brave the elements were rewarded with some great sport.

The bottom loch is the new competition water and it was well stocked.

As the wind was blowing predominantly down the length of the loch I decided to go to the far end at the island and work my way down. I tried the floater with a single hothead Damsel on a long leader but getting a line out was difficult, to say the least, however when the wind did drop I got some solid takes.

As I was casting across the back of the small island the water exploded and I saw a big golden yellow flank roll over on the fly. For a brief moment I felt the power in this fish before my line went slack. But what a pull it gave before it shot off. I continued fishing down the same bank picking up a further three fish before retiring. I tried several lures all of which worked or were nipped at the tails.

Other anglers were on sinking or slow intermediates, all of which were relatively successful but I would say the floater out performed them all.

The competition is re-scheduled for Saturday, November 26 and will be restricted to 27 places. Book early.