Fishing: Yellow lure is  . .Ya Dancer

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With just a week to go to the next open competition at Leadburn Manor which, incidentally, there are still some places available, I made for the competition water and decided to fish from the far bank this time.

Last time I had great fun with a single Damsel, this time I opted to try an old Leadburn favourite – the Yellow Dancer.

Going out on a slightly smaller size 12 with a little flash in the tail works wonders for me and that was my banker. It was less than five minutes into my fishing and I felt my fly being pulled but no solid take.

Speeding up and stopping dead brought about my first fish. Although not big it fought well and it was a start.

Counting down the depths definitely works and I stuck rigidly to a count of three and it worked for long enough.

It was clear that the fish were shoaling up because as I hit on fish it would go quiet. Keeping on the move I went on to get another couple, then it was time to move on.

The average fish was just over 2lb but there were some bigger as I was broken twice on 9lb breaking strain. So I have to say I am looking forward to the competition and the smaller water is better for the anglers than the big one. Everyone can see each other and it makes for a better match.

For more information and to guarantee your place contact Fran on 0777 581 2794.