Fraser on fishing: Final outing hotly contested

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It was our final club outing of the season at Allandale Tarn and it was all to play for.

A keen frost had a set in but fish were still showing so I opted for a floating line with long leader and Hothead Damsel. I took an area at the top end near the weed bank and I soon got two solid rattles. But it was to be the area in the front of the lodge that produced the best sport. The fishery was full, and anglers were catching on various lines, but the Damsel was definitely the top pattern.

Still, I persevered and managed to connect into a nice rainbow of around 2lb and moved on to a peg next to the cages where I switched to a Fab and put out a full line and left it.

I watched the fly slowly sink to the bottom. After a few seconds the line shot out and I lifted into my second fish. What a scrap this bow was putting. It turned into the reeds but, thankfully, I managed to slip the net down behind the fish and turn it in and lift it out.

I put a shorter line out this time and I watched as another fish honed in and took with venom on the drop. However, it was getting cooler and I never got another offer. Some good bags came to the scales and every angler landed fish.