Fraser on fishing: Game on, or so I thought

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It was a short trip down the road to enter the Tweeddale “Grab a Grand Competition”, writes STUART FRASER.

With a couple of heats 
underway, interest was 
growing for the catch-and-
release match. A favourable draw is advantageous as things get hectic in the first hour or so.

I went with a floater and single Yellow Dancer as it is a good lure for fresh stockies. Despite getting one or two offers, I had nothing solid. Changing to a wet cell 2 and a fast figure of eight retrieve and I was in to my first fish. Game on I thought.

Casting well out it was not until I was nearly a few feet from the bank that I managed to get fish. It’s typical, when you only want small fish you start to get bigger ones on catch and release. My first at more than 4lb took an eternity, or so I thought, to come in. After 
releasing I could not get back into the water quick enough and within five minutes I was in again. This was a fine blue and it leapt several times out of the water before coming to the net.

Not a bad start but not as good as some anglers that seemed to have the Midas touch.

At the end of the session, 
despite getting a creditable six fish after moving pegs every 
30 minutes, it was not near good enough.

Still there are still a couple of heats remaining and I will be back to try once more.