Fraser on Fishing: Gladhouse is a special place

Jock Kettles of Bonnyrigg with a 5lb rainbow taken on a Fab at Markle
Jock Kettles of Bonnyrigg with a 5lb rainbow taken on a Fab at Markle
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I just love to get away from it all and Gladhouse in Midlothian is the place for me, it has everything.

Apart from stunning scenery you have room to move around and you just never know what you might strike into.

Setting up the boat with the electric outboard I was gutted to see the sun coming out which is almost like the kiss of death to wild brown trout. However, undeterred, I made my way out on a floating line with cast of bibio Kate McLaren and a white cat on the point.

Working my way up the road shore on the wind I turned a few smaller fish but nothing big. Moving to the island I lost a cracker which must have been around 2lb. Casting into the shallow water under the branches of the trees the big fish lunged at what I thought was the bibio. I will never know for certain as it took the flies deep and that was the last I saw of it. Cursing my bad luck I made for the shallows at the bottom end and was surprised to see so many fish moving.

However, they would not look or take any of the flies so I changed to a single black daddy. Within minutes I had landed three around the half-pound mark and they took sweetly off the surface. There is nothing to beat seeing the fish come and take off the surface and your fly disappearing sub surface.

The wild brown trout are the best fighting fish there are. Even the smallest fight like two pounders and it is fantastic sport at its best. The only downside was that the weather changed and the wind picked up leaving my only option to head for the pier. I just made it back when white horses started to appear and I was thinking I made the right decision. I will be back soon though as it is fishing at its very best.

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