Fraser on Fishing: Good day at Black Loch

Jock Kettles with a 5lb trout taken on a fab at Markle
Jock Kettles with a 5lb trout taken on a fab at Markle
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I took a run out to Avonbridge and the Black Loch as it has been a while since I last visited.

Eight boats were out and all but one were down the far end which told a story. Tackling up with a fast glass line and a single Cat Booby on a long leader was my first train of thought. With flat calm and bright warm conditions I had the feeling that the fish were down. My boat partner and I decided to work our way down the far bank but despite a couple of pulls, we had nothing to write home about.

It was not until we sailed into school bay that things started to pick up and my boat partner was the first in action with a nice fish of around 5lb that came to the yellow owl. However, just as it was about to be netted it slipped the hook and was off despite a frantic effort to net. Next up I had a 3lb fish on booby which fought fiercely, leaping several times in the air and shaking its head. It was time to settle down and go on to the floater as fish were starting to show especially when some cloud cover came.

My boat partner stayed on the owls while I tried the brown foam back daddy. We drifted into reedy bay and we had a double hook up, and pandemonium ensued with fish crossing over each other. I lost mine soon after that trying to bully it back round which gave my partner time to play his out. We had another two full drifts picking up another couple of fish before calling it a day. It’s been a while since I have been but it won’t be long till I am back.

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