Fraser on fishing: I can’t escape Jack Frost

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Spring may well be in the air but the remnants of winter are still with us, writes STUART FRASER.

At Markle the daffodils were in full bloom and a crisp sunshine came over the crags. However, a cold icy wind was blowing over the dam wall and casting was a problem at times. I had to keep on the move to get any offers and was rewarded with a cracking brown trout at 6-8lb in perfect condition.

Fishing a full floater with long leader and single Damsel, I caught the big fish on a fairly quick retrieve. What a fight it put up and it is surprising how quickly the cold fingers disappear when the battle is on. It was one of the best fish I have come across in many a year – fin and tail perfect and beautiful colouring. I could have killed this lovely fish but thought better of it and, after giving it time to recover, it kicked off at speed.

Moving on to the dam wall I hooked another good fish but it managed to slip the hook at the net. Still, it saved me returning it and I moved to the smaller or baby pond for further action. I managed a further two on a black T-2000 which is basically a black fritz of sorts. The wind was picking up and although I was getting some hefty pulls I didn’t hook any more fish.

So, on this occasion, keeping on the move was a better ploy than sticking to one spot. I’ll be back.