Fraser on fishing: Night owls do the trick

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Torrential rain prior to the start of the dry fly competition at Allandale Tarn almost halted the match in its tracks. However, the gods were kind as it halted minutes before the draw was made, writes STUART FRASER.

I was fortunate to get a favourable draw in front of the lodge and went out with two Yellow Owls on a floating line. First cast at a rising fish and I was in as it took the tail fly right off the surface. Not big by any means but it got me off to a 
good start.

Limit bag was four fish then catch and release thereafter. I missed another two by striking too soon but at least I was getting offers. It was to be another two moves before I was to land my next fish. Changing to a single fly made all the difference as I took another three in quick succession.

Halfway through the night heavy rain came on again, but it did not affect the feeding fish. The biggest problem was to figure what way the fish were moving and cast in front of them.

Almost everyone landed fish and my biggest disappointment was that I was putting bigger fish back than what was in my bag limit, but that’s 

The best bag on the night was eight fish which, under the trying circumstances, was good fishing indeed.