Fraser on Fishing: Putting on my Sunday best

Martin Stewart of Glasgow with a 5lb 8oz Tiger taken on a Montana at Swanswater
Martin Stewart of Glasgow with a 5lb 8oz Tiger taken on a Montana at Swanswater
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It was one of my club outings on the Lake of Menteith but on this occasion it was a Sunday session that started at noon until seven.

As per usual, it was a cavalry charge to get to our respective drifts first. Most of the boats made for Lochend and were camped almost Indian style. A couple made for the cages and Mallen shore while my boat partner took my advice and made for Otter Bay and Chicken leg. We had the place to ourselves and more importantly fish were head and tailing close in.

My boat partner went with a Black booby and two buzzers on a midge tip line, while I went with a floater fab on the point with two buzzers on the droppers. Two casts in and my boat partner landed the first on a black booby. This was quickly followed by myself taking one on the fab. The fish were not necessarily big but they fought well and refused to be bullied and had to be played out.

After only an hour, we were both sitting on three fish apiece – one short of our bag limit. At 3.00pm, I was amazed to find that I had caught 12 fish and my boat partner seven. By now most of the boats were round about us and we decided to try somewhere new and motored around the lake. We tried all round without success and made our way back to where we started and by now the boats were well scattered.

I managed a further three before being broken and decided to call it a day. My boat partner finished on nine which was a good return.

A superb day with great fish and amazing banter.

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