Fraser on Fishing: Reaping the wild wind

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Linlithgow is truly blessed with some fine fisheries and Bowden Springs is a prime example, writes STUART 

I arrived at the fishery mid-morning and it was quite quiet, possibly due to the strengthening wind and rain.

I tackled up with a floating line and a Hothead Damsel. Watching from the lodge I saw one angler hook into two sizeable rainbows, both of which stripped him down to his backing before netting. He was casting parallel to the bank on a slow figure-of-eight retrieve.

I had seen enough and made for the first platform in front of the fishing lodge. I was getting constant plucks and pulls but no lock-on until management suggested I trim the tail a bit. Sure enough, next cast the line shot off into the deeper water, but it slipped the hook. Changing over to Yellow Dancer, I managed to net a nice rainbow of around 3lb before moving to a new platform.

Fish were all over but the wind made it near impossible to cover. But before leaving I took another two, one of which was a real cracker at around 4lb, tail and fin perfect.

There are two ponds, but I stuck to the smaller fly only, as the other is both bait and fly, but I have heard that it fishes equally well. I left raving about the place and vowed to return again soon.