Fraser on fishing: Taking a different route

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Bright and cold conditions greeted my arrival at Bangour fishery, writes STUART 

It was fairly busy and I decided to try something a little different and away from the dam wall where most fish were being caught, so I put on a floating line and a mini yellow dancer. Counting from 10-20 seconds I locked on to a nice bow of about 4lb which fought like a demon all the way to the net.

The sun was now high overhead and I headed for the shade of the trees at bottom end at the bridge. No-one had fished this area, so I cast diagonally across the water trying to find the edge of the drop off area and I let the fly go down. At a very slow rate of retrieve I was getting pulls and plucks but nothing would stay on.

With my very last cast before moving again I left it on the hang for around ten seconds when my line shot off with the fly. It was another fine fish at just over 3lb which fought hard all the way to the net.

With less than half an hour to go, I made for the dam wall which was now very quiet. Putting out a full line along the edge of the weed bed I saw a fish rise and covered it.

Playing it out I saw it was about 12-13lb. Fully finned and tailed it was a lovely fish which I duly returned.