Lacrosse: Unbeaten City players retain their Scottish league title

Edinburgh City men's Lacrosse Club
Edinburgh City men's Lacrosse Club
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Edinburgh City men’s Lacrosse Club have reinforced their supremacy within the national division by securing the league championship for a second consecutive year.

With the club taking the title by a considerable margin, winning 11 of their 12 fixtures and registering an undefeated league campaign, head coach Nick Duncan-Price is hopeful such success will be repeated in for many years to come.

The origins of lacrosse, which is played with a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick with a net, are Native American, and, traditionally in this country, it is more popular as a team sport for girls.

Duncan-Price knows the club needs to expand its player-base, saying: “We have moved from Fettes College to Broughton High School to train and one of the main reasons for this is a couple of our players are in talks looking at the possibility of us taking organised sessions for school kids,” Duncan-Price said. “I have not been involved with the formal proceedings but from the feedback I have been given, it’s all looking very positive and is a case of ‘when’ it happens rather than ‘if’.

“It would be great to get them interested at a younger age and if it’s something we can do then we’ll certainly look to pursue this. Glasgow City Lacrosse Club was able to start a youth programme with a couple of schools so hopefully our move to Broughton will give us this opportunity.”

Building on their success from the previous year, Edinburgh City underlined their dominance with their opponents from Aberdeen, Glasgow, St Andrews and Stirling all failing to knock them from their perch. With the inclusion of some lesser experienced individuals, Duncan-Price is grateful for the self-belief his squad have shown, irrespective of ability, and is keen to stress the continuity the players have away from the field of play.

He said: “It’s been a great season with some outstanding performances. Not only where we undefeated in the league, there was also an end of season competition, the McRobert tournament, which we also managed to win so we’ve really consolidated this year to some of the depth in our team. We have fun off the pitch as well, we’re all friends as well as team-mates.

“We’ve been working really hard with the guys as well as bringing on some of the new ones as well. Three of our players have also been selected for the national team so it’s been a terrific year for us as a club.”

After close interaction with the national governing body Lacrosse Scotland, the club were represented at Peffermill in an East v West exhibition match at the recent women’s Under-19 home international tournament in an attempt to raise the profile of the men’s game. Duncan-Price was encouraged by the numbers in attendance at the event which he hopes will aid, not only the interest in the men’s game, but the opportunity for a more prosperous future.

“Women’s lacrosse is better known than the men’s game as it is played within public schools so there is a lot more knowledge of their game. We wanted to show the people turning up that there is actually a men’s game – there is a bit of a difference but it’s something that can be equally as fun to watch. It was a very-closely contested match and we certainly put on a good show for people who may not have been aware of men’s lacrosse.”

With the club consolidating their position at the peak of Scottish men’s lacrosse for this season, the club’s immediate attention now focuses on assisting with preparation for the three players who will represent Scotland in international competition this June.

“In the short-term we want to build on the success we have achieved already and support our guys who will compete in the European Championships later this year in Amsterdam,” added Duncan-Price. “We want to continue development over the summer months when traditionally there isn’t as many games so we’re trying to fill that gap in. Similarly to last year, we have an American touring team that are coming over so we’re looking forward to that which will be a big test for us.”