Ladies’ day was fun event

John Tennent of Mayfield with a 3lb rainbow taken on a Humungus at Markle
John Tennent of Mayfield with a 3lb rainbow taken on a Humungus at Markle
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It was the last but one fundraiser at Parkview fishery near Collessie in Fife for the Scottish Ladies’ Fly Fishing.

Always a fun event this was no different and the craic was flowing all day.

I drew what I thought was a favourable draw half way up the opposite bank. As it was quite cool I started out on a fast glass line and a long leader with a scruffy hothead Damsel. I went deeper as it was quite cold air temperature and the water felt even colder. However, in the first half hour rods were bending and I could see most of the rods were on floating lines. I would have thought that they were on lures of some kind for the stockies.

Counting down the depths it was around eight feet below the surface when I got my first interest. The take was very subtle as it came a couple of times at my fly before hooking. Once hooked it went ballistic and took all my time just to hold on. I eventually netted it and returned it unharmed as it was a catch and release competition.

Settling down I persevered on the fast glass but had to come up to the floater as others around about me were catching regularly.

Moving into the far corner the Damsel had just hit the surface of the water when my rod was nearly pulled out of my hand. Not a big fish but it was quantity not quality I was after and was glad of any fish coming to the net.

Just before lunch time I landed a further two in the shallow water in front of the lodge but felt I had little or no chance of winning unless I got a flyer in the second half. After two or three moves in the afternoon without any success I decided to call it a day.

The wind picked up and the brave souls that persevered managed to get the odd fish or two. At the end of the session the ladies raised more than £500 towards their funds.

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