Morton is back in business

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It is good to see that Morton fishery, one of the finest fisheries in the central belt, has re-opened for business, writes STUART FRASER.

Under the auspices of Jonathan Swift, owner of Markle Fishery, it looks like it will grow in stature over the coming months. I took a visit the other day and could not resist the temptation to try a cast.

Several rods were out and some nice fish had been caught around in the far bay, however, I kept away from the crowd and stayed on the tree-lined bank as I did not have an outboard with me. This was where it was previously stocked and fishing a floating line with a small size 12 black lure, and casting almost parallel to the trees for obvious reasons, I struck into my first off three fish. It was around 3lb and in pristine condition, but more importantly it spewed out some minnows.

So I thought they were now feeding on the fry and changed to a small sparkler which is almost silver in colour.

Within minutes I had another two, at 3lb and over 4lb. Both fish were in perfect condition but I returned them, after all there is no point in killing the fish if you are not going to use them. I also get a feeling of satisfaction seeing them swim off and, in doing so, preserving the quality in the fishery.

It was a good day and I will return.