Trout wouldn’t be bullied

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I HAVE been hearing good reports of the Arran View fishery near Moscow, east of Kilmarnock, and have been determined to fish it, writes STUART FRASER.

So, despite the storms, I set out and although it started out windy fishing was possible.

Fishing the bigger of the two ponds with the wind at my back I managed to coax a couple of fish to a Damsel. But despite several trout showing on or near the surface my takes were deep and slow.

Once hooked however, the fish turned very feisty and refused to be bullied to the net. It was a case of tiring them out before netting and getting their heads up.

Despite getting two fish fairly quickly I opted to try a single Blob below a sight indicator. I set it at about four feet below the surface and watched anxiously for the indicator to disappear. However, converting offers into takes eluded me.

Best flies and lures reported by the other anglers who ventured out were Dancers and Bloodworms. Still, I managed to get some sport in and will return again in better weather.