Fraser on Fishing: Fish were feeling the heat

Jim Watt of Rutland with a 4lb rainbow taken on a cat booby on Lake of Menteith
Jim Watt of Rutland with a 4lb rainbow taken on a cat booby on Lake of Menteith
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All the recent warm weather was good for the angler but spare a thought for the poor fish. High temperatures have had the fish cooking and at times they were being very lethargic.

On a recent visit to Rosslynlee it was warm with just a gentle breeze blowing and fairly quiet for the popular fishery.

It was easy to see that the fish would not be chasing so dries and buzzers were the obvious choice.

Taking the floating line with long leader and two Yellow Owls ten feet apart was the easy option to takebut it can be a deadly method on tricky days like these. I made for the head of the wind, which was at the entrance to the fishery and began beside the bridge. Although the flies were getting a fair bit of interest nothing would take, well nothing to begin with or so I thought.

I was about to move when one fish head and tailed all round the tail fly. I was fully focussed waiting for that tell-tale ring in the water and the fly disappearing. It fed all round the fly before turning and sucking it under and I waited to feel the weight of it before lifting for the fight to start. My line straightened and it was an amazing feeling watching and feeling this fish try every trick in the book to escape. It came to the net and was fin and tail perfect.

Working my way back down to the lodge I picked up another two and dropped the same again. A good day considering, and quality fish.

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