Josh Taylor hits back at former trainer Shane McGuigan

Relationship has turned sour

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 8:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th January 2020, 8:11 pm
Josh Taylor showed off his belts at Easter Road

Unified world super lightweight world champion Josh Taylor has hit back at former trainer Shane McGuigan with the Prestonpans puncher claiming he felt like he’d been “put in the kennels”.

The 29-year-old severed ties with Cyclone Promotions manager Barry McGuigan earlier this month after four and a half years to sign a multi-year deal with Las Vegas-based Top Rank. That move also signalled an end to his relationship with coach Shane, Barry’s son, who, last week said in an interview, that Taylor was not derserving of his time and efforts.

However, the World Boxing Super Series winner has responded to the remarks of his now former trainer.

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“Shane tweeted (after the split) ‘if you want loyalty then buy a dog’. That’s fine but don’t buy a dog and then put it in the kennels,” Taylor said.

“The whole time I was with them I showed nothing but loyalty and commitment. I was away 90 per cent of the year from home staying in some real horrible hotels. I then got a flat and moved full-time to London, as did my girlfriend Danielle, to show just how committed I was.

“When I got the flat, Shane only lived two miles away from me and prior to Danielle coming down, I was on my own a lot. But not once did he ever say to me on the weekends ‘do you want to do this or go for something to eat?’ He just left me to my own devices.

“The only time Shane came to my flat was when Lee McGregor left Cyclone to make sure I wasn’t too. It wasn’t to see if I was alright or for a cup of tea or anything like that. I’d already been down there for five or six months.

“The bitter feeling is on their side, it’s not coming from me.

“Of course I’m thankful for what Barry and Shane have done for me. I would be a spoilt brat if I wasn’t. They were great. But I just wasn’t happy behind the scenes. I’d had enough.

“He’s come out and said I didn’t deserve his time which, I thought, was a bit unfair. We had a great relationship in the gym. He’s said he’s put in so much time and effort, and he did, but he was paid for it.”