Edinburgh Accies must concentrate on their game – not Jed’s

Derek O'Riordan
Derek O'Riordan
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Edinburgh Accies coach Derek O’Riordan is urging his men to ignore the ultimate prize and focus on winning at Selkirk tomorrow in the final round of BT National Division One fixtures, with promotion to the Premiership firmly in their sights.

With a substantially better points difference than promotion rivals Jed-Forest, Accies will secure a place in the top flight next season if they at least match the result achieved by the Borderers who travel to face Dundee High.

However, O’Riordan has warned his players not to lose sight of the task at hand, saying: “There is no hiding what is at stake and what rewards could await us on the final whistle, but there are 80 minutes of rugby to get through first.”

O’Riordan’s task of motivating Accies was aided by comments attributed to Selkirk coach Graham Marshall.

”Marsh made his intentions clear in an interview after their recent encounter with Jed; that they are out to do their fellow Borderers a favour because he feels they deserve their place in the Premiership over us,” added O’Riordan. “We will let him and Selkirk worry about doing Jed a favour and we will worry about ourselves and letting the score take care of itself.”

O’Riordan has the benefit of stability within the squad – the only change to the starting line-up that came from behind to beat GHA two weeks ago is the inclusion of Callum Ramm in place of Conor Hirini.