Rugby: Currie turn up heat on pitch quality

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Currie are calling for more direction from Murrayfield authorities on how to preserve and improve rugby pitches.

While stressing that defeat at Stirling County was down to “hungrier” opposition, Currie are also claiming that standards are suffering because of lack of guidance on how to improve and maintain playing surfaces.

“It is good to hear that Stirling are making an effort but disappointing that as the standards of rugby improve the majority of grass pitches are deteriorating from over-use and lack of groundsmanship,” say Currie on their official website today, adding: “There is little guidance given to aspiring coaches, development officers or trainees on pitch management.

“As the grass disappears they (pitches) become muddy and the prospect of an exciting open game becomes remote.

“More importantly, players can be injured as they clatter into each other on the slippery surface.”

Nevertheless, Currie undoubtedly feel conditions played a part in defeat noting ahead of Saturday’s crucial Malleny Park clash with Melrose:

“Better ground conditions and team continuity from the start are needed to get Currie back to winning ways.”