Fans pledge £5000 to aid Monarchs

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Edinburgh MONARCHS speedway bosses today revealed they have been “very touched” by the number of pledges of financial support by loyal fans as they battle to keep the club alive and ensure they take their place in the Premier League at Armadale for next season.

Monarchs also plan to hold a meeting with supporters to put them in the picture over their financial plight, and this is in response to claims that there has been a lack of transparency between both sides in recent years.

It is believed Monarchs have pledges already amounting to more than £5000, but they need six times that total if they are to make it to the tapes for the 2013 campaign. Director Mike Hunter, who fronted a “fighting fund” in 1991 when Monarchs were in danger of folding at Powderhall Stadium in the city, said: “So far we have received a number of pledges of money which is both pleasing and encouraging, people are keen for us to carry on.

“We are certainly not going to turn these people away, but obviously will only take the money if we decide that we can continue. I did say in 1991 that I wouldn’t ask people again for money, but this is a special 
situation and continuing at 
Armadale is a better option if we can afford it, as opposed to having a gap in running speedway.

“The people who have come forward with these pledges, we are very touched by it, and shows they are keen, and that encourages us as a club to make efforts to raise the funds we need to survive.”

Hunter continued: “I wasn’t even going to organise the fighting fund because I thought the idea was hopeless at the time, but people put money in without being asked and I thought we would give it a run. And it’s exactly the same now, but we require quite a lot more than has been pledged so far.

“We know how much we have lost this season and the minimum figure we need is probably £30,000 to keep us afloat. If we raised more this would obviously be better as it would give us a bit of a cushion

Monarchs finished fifth in the Premier League this year and only bad luck and injuries robbed them of a place in the play-offs and KO Cup. If they overcome their current problems, their squad may need freshening up.

A meeting with those who have pledged money will take place at the Black Bull Inn, Mid Calder, on Wednesday evening.