Fear of the sack drives on Monarchs star Sam Masters

Sam Masters. Edinburgh Monarchs
Sam Masters. Edinburgh Monarchs
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Sam Masters has revealed he wants to do Edinburgh Monarchs proud this season – to avoid getting the sack!

The Australian star, who was forced to stay at home in 2013 after failing to get a visa to ride in the UK, a problem which has again ensnared a handful of Premier League clubs this winter who failed to heed the change of rules introduced a year ago, says his axing by Somerset Rebels in 2012, the last time he competed here, is not an experience he wishes to repeat.

Recalling a campaign which was also blighted by injuries, Masters said: “It wasn’t the happiest of times and hopefully everything will run smoothly for me at Edinburgh. I’m going to try and do Edinburgh proud so that they cannot sack me!

“I want to do things the right way and be friendly with everyone, that goes a long way if you are a good person.”

Masters is adamant that spending a year in Australia has not diluted his competitive spirit and claims to be better prepared than ever for his debut season with the Capital speedway side.

He also revealed he intends to be more careful with his financial expenditure, confessing that he was a bit profligate in the past, throwing money at his equipment. “I was spending money on things that didn’t need money spending on them,” he explained.” It’s not about how your bikes look, it’s about how fast they go and I will be concentrating on that this season.

“I will have them nice and shiny and do what I need to do to keep them that way. You do not have to spend money on a mechanic to wash your bikes all the time when you can do it yourself, so I’m going to be a bit of a tight wad. Maybe if I was doing Elite League racing I might need a mechanic, but I really don’t think I do, not a full-time one anyway.”

Masters, who performed well in his country’s three-round National Championships last month, has his sights set on becoming Monarchs’ No.1 rider, but added: “I know that is going to be very difficult especially the way Craig Cook has been riding and the high average he has, but I will be doing my best and I want Edinburgh to be able to count on me.”

Masters has blotted out his 2012 travails in the Premier League, saying: “You cannot go back to the past which is why I’m just interested in looking forward now and will take things as they come.

“I don’t really make goals these days because you get upset when things don’t go to plan.

“We’ll see what I get out of it all at the end of the year.”

Masters’ Aussie team-mate Max Fricke, who retained his Under-21 crown in great style a few weeks ago, arrived back in Scotland this week and is likely to be in attendance at Monarchs’ pre-season video show at the Thomas Morton Hall, Ferry Road this Friday, start time 7.30pm.