Monarchs fans form Trust to keep the club afloat

Picture: Ron MacNeill
Picture: Ron MacNeill
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AN Edinburgh Monarchs supporters’ Trust group has been set up with the aim of securing the long-term future of the speedway club.

Details will be unveiled at Monarchs’ pre-season video show at the Thomas Morton Hall, Leith on Friday (7.30pm) and the group are also holding two public meetings in the Armadale bar on Friday, March 6 at 7.30pm and Saturday, March 7 in the Newmarket Suite at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, also 7.30pm.

The aim is to help the current Premier League champions from falling into the red again, as happened last season.

A spokesman said: “We want to support the Monarchs in trying to avoid the financial crises which have afflicted them in recent seasons.

“Speedway is very expensive to stage and Monarchs lose money most weeks. They have stated if they make a similar loss in 2015 they will close. We can either sit back and let Monarchs die or we can be proactive and offer assistance. We have chosen the latter. We are here to help – not take over.”

Monarchs’ first Armadale captain Kenny McKinna has given his support, saying: “Clubs need all the assistance they can get and I’m pleased to hear what the fans are doing and I’m happy to give them my backing.”