Edinburgh Monarchs sign Max Ruml to complete 2018 line-up

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After missing out on American Luke Becker, Edinburgh Monarchs went back to the United States to complete their 2018 line-up by capturing 20-year-old Max Ruml.

Ruml will make his British speedway debut in Monarchs colours and his first match will be a baptism of fire when he travels to Ashfield to face Glasgow Tigers in the first leg of the Scottish Cup on Friday, March 23.

Ruml, who finished runner-up in the 2017 USA National Championships, is the elder of two racing brothers, and is convinced now is the right time for him to try and make the breakthrough in the Championship division in this country.

He said: “I’m super excited and super stoked that this is all happening. It’s a huge opportunity for me and it’s been a goal of mine to try my luck in Britain since I was a kid.”

Ruml faces a complete lifestyle change and had been talking to his fellow American team-mate Ricky Wells about what to expect. He explained: “I’ve been picking Ricky’s brain because it’s a completely different story across there.

“In the States, you ride one match and then you all go back to your 9-5 jobs. It’s different life in Britain and people are a lot more focused on things. You’t don’t think about anything other than going fast.

“It’s going to be something of a game changer for me but I believe I’m ready for it.”

Ruml added: “I think highly of Ricky. I have looked up to him since I was little and it makes it easier for me to have a friend on the team to understand just how big a change it will be for me.

“Ricky came over to the UK at a young age and I’m super excited to be riding alongside him.”

Ruml is well ahead with his plans for his maiden season with the Monarchs, saying: “I have got two complete rollers over there and I’ve got some motors that are coming across across as well.

“Bikes should not be a problem and I’ll have some real nice equipment. I’m looking at getting a flight in mid-March to get across well before press and practice day.

“I want to be ready. I don’t want to be putting a motor in during press and practice.”

Monarchs 2018: Ricky Wells, Mark Riss, Erik Riss, Matt Williamson, Joel Andersson, Max Ruml, Josh Pickering.