Theo Pijper makes Monarchs return after Riss horror crash

Theo Pijper will line up for Monarchs again. Pic: Ron MacNeill
Theo Pijper will line up for Monarchs again. Pic: Ron MacNeill
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Edinburgh Monarchs have turned to their former rider Theo Pijper as replacement for stricken German star Mark Riss, who came to grief in a horror smash against Ipswich Witches at Armadale on Friday

The experienced Pijper, who has had eight previous seasons with Monarchs since first signing in 2002, will fill in for German star Riss, who is expected to be missing for six weeks with torn ligaments in his fingers.

Pijper said: “I’ve had my talk with John (Monarchs team manager Campbell) and that went all okay. It’s sad for Mark, I know the Riss family well, but torn ligaments are not nice. I remember when I had a similar injury and I didn’t like it.”

Pijper will line up when Monarchs travel to face Redcar Bears in the Championship this Thursday.

“I’ve been riding non-stop so far, I’ve done a few speedway meetings abroad with good results so I will be ready on Thursday,” he said. “My equipment is as good as new so we will just go for it.”

Riss clattered into the home-straight fence on Friday night while trying to avoid team-mate Sam Masters, who had already come to grief. He was taken to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary which caused a delay of 45 minutes to the meeting.

Riss was later transferred to St John’s Hospital in Livingston where he underwent an operation on his right hand at the weekend.

Despite reports that Riss had broken his fingers, team manager Alex Harkess said: “Two fingers were dislocated and they have been put back in place, but one of them was badly ripped and that’s why Mark needed an operation. It was the wire mesh fence that did the damage, his hand was caught up in the fence.

“Once he’s fit to fly, he will return home to Germany.”