Speedway: Dane Claus Vissing joins Monarchs

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Edinburgh MONARCHS have confirmed the signing of Dane Claus Vissing on loan from Peterborough Panthers – and now the hunt is on for somewhere for their new speedway star to stay.

Vissing, 26, will make his debut at Berwick Bandits on Saturday following Monarchs’ surprise decision to call off their Armadale opener against the Border outfit at Armadale on Friday because of poor weather.

Monarchs chief John Campbell said: “Claus was very keen to ride for us and even suggested he would sleep in a tent on the centre green if necessary. We can’t have that! But we would like to hear from anyone who has a room to rent for him.”

The signing also appears to mark the end of the fight to get Australian Sam Masters a visa to ride in the UK this season – at least for the moment.

Vissing said: “I have been looking for a team place in Britain and I’m happy to have joined Edinburgh, who are a good club. I have not ridden 
Armadale before, but that doesn’t worry me.

“I know Craig Cook and Jozsef Tabaka and Theo Pijper from before, and Derek Sneddon, who is the captain, seems very nice. Team spirit is very important to me.”

Asked what Monarchs would do if Masters wins a reprieve, Hunter replied: “We’d think about that if it happens, but we couldn’t wait any longer.”