Speedway: Howarth leaves Monarchs with a double headache

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Edinburgh MONARCHS will need to find two new reserve riders next season following Kyle Howarth’s decision to join Workington Comets.

The 17-year-old Mancunian said the travelling to Armadale was getting him down each week, and jumped at the chance to join the Comets, whose Derwent Park circuit is far closer to his Cheshire home.

Howarth’s decision might also have been influenced by the fact that he struggled for form round the Lothian Arena over the latter part of the season. Howarth is regarded as one of Britain’s brightest speedway prospects and gained a 4.32 average during his short spell with Monarchs. The teenager is currently spending a second winter in Australia and won the Queensland Under-21 Championship on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Monarchs boss John Campbell has revealed he is looking abroad in his efforts to rebuild the Capital speedway squad for their Premier League championship push in 2012.

He said: “I have been in contact with three overseas riders about riding for us next season. The make-up of the rest of the team is dependant, at least in the short term, on their willingness to join us, and I’m hoping to receive answers from them within a week.”

Campbell added: “I’ve also been working my way round our UK-based assets to seek their views for 2012 and it’s hoped we will have our full team signed before Christmas, or perhaps earlier.”.