Speedway: Low crowds may force Monarchs out

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Edinburgh Monarchs’
16 years at Armadale Stadium could be coming to an end, due to falling crowds, warned co-promoter John Campbell 

Speaking ahead of tonight’s vital KO Cup second leg tie against Ipswich Witches, Campbell revealed that the attendance for last week’s important play-off clash against Scunthorpe Scorpions was among the lowest of the season.

He said: “It dealt us another body blow when on a fine weather day we ran to a crowd which was in the bottom five of our crowds this year; you will have seen the gaps on the 

“It is a very worrying situation, and my personal view, and please be aware that it is still something that the directors of the club have still to discuss, is that the Monarchs’ reign could be coming to an end at Armadale, and we have nowhere else to go. The directors will be 
having some very serious 
discussions on the situation within the next few days.”

Monarchs have explored the possibility of moving to Ingliston in 2013 but so far there has been no decision on this. However, it is clear they could not finance such a move unless they have a backer waiting in the wings.