Speedway: Thieves steal bikes from crestfallen Monarchs ace Tully

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Edinburgh MONARCHS star Andrew Tully today spoke of his upset following the theft of his speedway equipment last week. Thieves broke into his garage and stole his main bike and the Isle of Man-born rider says the loss has caused him no end of grief.

Tully told the Evening News: “I lost a speedway bike, and a BMX bike, and two of Adam Mckinna’s mountain bikes were also taken. The speedway bike is the one I use for all my Armadale meetings.

“My BMX and the other bikes are not that important but 
losing my speedway machine has given me nothing but 
headaches since I discovered the theft last Friday morning.

“Wherever it is sitting it can’t be used because it hasn’t got any clutch plates in it. It’s no good to anybody, but it’s my livelihood.”

Tully still has one machine left, but it’s the one he keeps for some of the bigger away tracks. He added: “Several of my friends in speedway have offered me loans of equipment and I’m very 
grateful to them, but I’d still like to think there is chance of 
getting my own bike back.”

Tully’s next two meetings for Monarchs are clashes against Ipswich Witches at Foxhall Heath on Thursday and the return fixture at Armadale 24 hours later. Ipswich are Monarchs main rivals for the sixth and final play-off position.