All you need to know about Portobello’s Big Beach Busk 10

HERE are nine things you need to know about Big Beach Busk 10...

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 2:00 pm
Big Beach Busk, Portobello

1 - The Busk is always the last Saturday of August.

2 - The Busk starts at Noon and finishes 6pm.

3 - Anyone can join in. You don’t need to ask.

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4 - It doesn’t have to be music just entertaining.

5 - An EH15 postcode will get there. Come by bus, bike or foot. Parking is tight.

6 - Be kind and considerate to buskers, residents and visitors.

7 - Busk for charity or for yourself. It’s up to you.

8 - Businesses are welcome but need to sort a license with the council.

9 - Have fun, buskers confirmed to play this year’s event include Shunpike Social Club, Emma Milligan, Pockets, Tash Bird, Stanton, Einstein’s Wardrobe, Sandra Macbeth, The Megaphone Choir and Omar Afif Gnawa Trance Fusion.

Organiser Paul Lambie says, “Watching people progress from year to year is the really exciting thing for me.

“Year one there was a primary school kid and his mum, he had a little portable speaker with his mum’s i-Pod plugged in and was body-popping.

“Next year he was back in an Adidas tracksuit and an i-Phone plugged in.

“Year three he was back with a Kangol hat, 3-Stripes tracksuit, ghetto blaster, square of lino, and that has also happened with so many musicians.

“So many, having been musicians all their life, play their first live gig at the busk.”