Comedian faints 10 minutes into her Edinburgh Fringe show

THERE’S an obvious irony when you call your Fringe show Hot Content and then faint 10 minutes into a performance due to the heat as comedian Stevie Martin discovered this week.

Stevie Martin
Stevie Martin

Martin, co-host of the Nobody Panic podcast, tweeted about the experience during her show on 19 August, writing: ‘Massive apologies to my lovely audience today - if you were in and would like to see a show where I don’t faint after ten minutes please DM me and you can have a free ticket for whenever you like.

‘Peace and love everyone. Peace and love. And light. And lychees.’

Hot Content finds Martin embarking on ‘a lovely bit of business involving sketches’, and ‘talking and absolute bangers (jokes)’.

Replying to her tweet, some audience members admitted they thought the faint was all part of the act.

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    @moodybecca wrote, ‘This is one of the only shows where I reckon the audience was like nah this is part of the plan...’ and @Deniedfurball1 added, ‘I thought it was part of the act for a couple of seconds. But it happens, was entertaining while it lasted’.

    Martin’s tweet also drew replies of concern from fans and Fringe-goers alike, including some advice to help prevent a repeat occurrence.

    @NatashaCowley1 advised, ‘Eat some bananas... ps you’re brilliant,’ while @BarryWShapiro recommended: ‘... Hydrate, breathe, lemsip, chicken soup, kebab and look after your brilliant self.’

    Martin responded to her well-wishers with, ‘...I realise my tweet makes it sound like I’m dying. I just had a weird moment and had to stop the show yes I’m very #brave.’


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    As the tweet gained traction she later took to twitter again to explain, ‘Oh god this got too many likes - more than was in the audience - I am so fine I just got overheated I just wanted people to know they could come again peace and love’.

    Hot content indeed.

    Hot Content, Underbelly, Bristo Square: Buttercup, until 25 August 6.35pm, £9.50-£10.50, 0131-226 0000