Fringe review: On The Conditions...

A lecture theatre is entirely appropriate as this show, On The Conditions And Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me As Her Younger Lover, contains PowerPoint. The fact that it is based on a PowerPoint presentation shouldn't put you off, New Zealand comedian Arthur Meek has an easy going charm.* * Summerhall, Red Lecture Theatre

Monday, 22nd August 2016, 11:06 am
Updated Monday, 22nd August 2016, 12:08 pm

He plays Richard Miros BA who is pitching to be the official younger lover to possibly the next President of the USA.

Having inquired who in the room has degrees, he sets about explaining why he, and only he, is suited to the task of the official bit on the side.

He’s done the research and created a PowerPoint to back up his claims.

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The opening is good, the finish is fun. The bit in the middle ... well, there just isn’t enough mileage to string this out to an hour-long stand alone show.

As a sketch it’d be ace. As a running gag, spot on. Sixty minutes of comedy? It’s about as thin as Bill Clinton’s initial defence when he denied any wrong-doing with “that woman.”

Shame really, because when it’s funny, it’s really funny.

Meek is a nice guy too and with better material or as part of a small group, this idea might have stood more of a chance.

And he deserves that - this is a guy who sent a letter to Hillary’s office introducing himself as ideal younger lover. He got one back. From Homeland Security.

Undeterred, he hands out postcards renewing his plea to find a place in the White House – or at least, in a discreet hotel near by – and encourages his audience to sign it and pop it into the post. Presumably they too will join him on national security’s radar ...

He laughed off his one-star reviews. In truth he didn’t deserve so little, so we’ll give him two... and a stamp for his postcard to send to Hillary. Just don’t tell Homeland Security, or Bill, it came from us ...

Run ends 28 August