How big? Dance under Europe’s largest mirror ball in Edinburgh

PREPARE to be dazzled by the biggest mirror ball in Europe at the Capital’s newest club, open for the duration of the Festival only.

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 3:31 pm
Prepare to be dazzled by the biggest mirror ball in Europe

Iconic 80’s club The Flick has been created specially for the shows Modern Love and Down The Flick by Assembly at George Square.

Both shows feature The Duchess of Canvey Diane Chorley, the comic creation of performer David Selley, who describes her as being written as a love letter to the working classes, strong independent women and the sequin drenched glamour of the 1980s.

In character he says, “I’ve been working so hard with my gorgeous Assembly lot to make the new Flick as close to the old one as possible, we’ve been going through old photos, taste testing White Russian’s and eating more Scampi fries than you can shake a Peperami at.

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“There ain’t no Party like a Duchess party”.

Especially on with a two metre diameter mirror ball.

Diane Chorley: Modern Love, until 25 August (not 14), 8pm, Down The Flick, 11pm (Friday-Sunday only), Assembly George Square Studios, £12-£14/£15,