James: Why they upset Ruth Davidson the last time they played in Scotland

Ahead of their closing set at the Summer Sessions in Princes Street Gardens tonight, Saul Davies and Jim Glennie spoke exclusively to The Scotsman of their love for the Fringe, the city of Edinburgh and who knows their back catalogue better - Ruth Davidson or Nicola Sturgeon.

By Carla Jenkins
Thursday, 15th August 2019, 11:02 pm
James are playing this year's Summer Sessions in Edinburgh
James are playing this year's Summer Sessions in Edinburgh

There is plenty to look forward to, including new music from the catalogue of new releases by the English rock band from Manchester.

“If you’re a music fan, music is never a dying art, everyone is into tunes” Saul said.

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“It’ll be a mixture” adds Jim. “It won’t be ridiculously easy for people, but that’s the reason we’re still here. We play the stuff that excites us.”

And indeed their music seems to excite many others, including Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson.

“We managed to annoy Ruth Davidson when she came to our show last in Glasgow,” Saul said.

“She was so upset that we didn’t play our song 'sit down', she got in touch with us to tell us. And she accused us by not playing our biggest song that we were being ‘self-indulgent’.

"The ferocious backlash she got on Twitter one the fans was quite something to see. She got absolutely f**king hammered. They said 'you’re not a James fan, you don’t know what they’re about'.”

Saul said: “I bet if Nicola sturgeon had been to the gig she’d have loved it."

Jim added: “She’d be cheering the B-sides."

Saul said he would be disappointed if The Cure did the same tomorrow evening at the Sessions in Glasgow.

“I’m going to The Cure tomorrow night and if the f**kers don’t play the Forrest, I’ll be booing. I’m gonna go mental.”

Having just returned from playing in the US, the two are indeed pleased to be back in Edinburgh, and especially during “peak “ Fringe season and after their Usher Hall performance in March.

“I love it,” Saul said. “I’ve come for years as a punter. I don’t have the time so much. Today reminded me of why I used to come to the Fringe and that I should come again."